You know this isn’t normal, right?


Walking round like "The Lactator*" whenever you go near your dolls? You know you should probably get rid of the dolls, and perhaps spend more time with real people, yes? If I got a painful, spitting erection every time I walked past a mannequin in my house I'd consider getting out a little more, perhaps meeting some real people, that sort of thing.

Of course that doesn't happen to me. My mannequin and I have long moved to a different kind of relationship; she barely speaks to me any more, and I've a feeling she's seeing someone else. Pretty sure my Henry Hoover has started winking at me though, so…


*Female milk-firing Terminator. I dunno, I was tired when I wrote this.

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  1. Emma T
    Posted March 4, 2013 at 12:19 pm | Permalink

    I know this is a funny site (and it is, really. I laugh) but I have to take issue with the comparing of lactating with having an erection.
    Breastfeeding is NOT sexual. And while that woman's situation is unusual, without reading the story it is not easy to know if it is REALLY the dolls triggering her letdown, or something else (I'm suspecting something else. Something normal. And not headline-worthy at all. But they had to blame the dolls or it wouldn't make a coverline, dammit.) And I really hope she's donating the milk she gets to help babies in special care.
    But I wanted to share the following excellent blog post with you just, you know, by way of a little education into why comparing breastfeeding with sex (or urinating, or defecating) is just wrong. And not helpful to those of us trying to normalise breastfeeding. Because it is the normal way to feed babies, ya know.
    Right. so here's the link. Enjoy.
    Consider yourself mildly chastised.

  2. takeaweirdbreak
    Posted March 4, 2013 at 12:49 pm | Permalink

    Well – fair point – but I’m not directly comparing the two in that way. I suppose my point was that to get a physical reaction, whether it be an erection or lactation (both of which are of course natural) from an inanimate object is something to write sarcastically about. Erections aren’t always ‘sexual’ really, unless I actually do want to have sex with the back seats of the bus (thinks…). And of course you’re right – the story may reveal other reasons, but part of the point of this site is to ignore the actual story and just comment on the leader headlines.

    Either way – yes, breastfeeding is a natural, and normal, and should be in public, way of feeding children. Not plastic dolls though.

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