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It’s the 2012 Xmas/NY Bumper Issue Round-up! (part 1)

Tweet Hurray! I've bought seven (7) magazines, all of which are 'bumper' issues and I'm going to wade through them with a bottle of wine. I say one bottle, let's see how we go. I've a feeling I'm going to regret this. EDIT: I did regret it, and ended up splitting these posts up as [...]

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Colin Fry – Exam Cheat

Tweet Weird isn’t it? You’d think that, as a spirit free to roam the vast world of the afterlife, able to appear anywhere you wish at will, sharing the heavens with all the great thinkers of history, that you’d have something better to do than sit someone’s Geography exam. But no. Either that, or he’s [...]

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No you’re not

Tweet I bet you’re single though.

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True Story

Tweet Unfortunately, it’s when the dogs sleeping that I turn into one. He fucking hates it.

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Custard Creams?

Tweet I’m not going to ask where you keep your Toblerones.

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